Basic Software

Transparent and always up-to-date process descriptions, in conjunction with the applicable documents, are essential in today’s management systems (e.g. in ISO 9001, in EFQM or in label-based systems). The QM Pilot can be used regardless of industry and size of the company.


  • Freely definable process structures
  • Graphics editor for the modelling of processes
  • Configurable process descriptions and flow layouts
  • Linking of documents, risks and master data
  • Workflow-supported review and approval procedures to ensure process control; - if needed, with e-mail support


  • Workflow-supported review and approval procedures to ensure document control; - if needed, with e-mail support
  • Historicisation and archiving of documents
  • Inclusion of all document types
  • Preview of common file formats
  • Access to documents via unique link (allows use/access from other places)

Master data

  • Configurable master data tables for easy updating of information in the system
  • Freely definable roles (administrator, creator, user, etc.)
  • Freely definable user groups (QM team, management, Board, etc.)
  • Import/export via Excel spreadsheets is possible


  • Flexible functions for creating reports and statistics
  • Large selection of standard reports, which can be supplemented by specific reports
  • Analysis of all information in the system possible
  • Export as Excel table is possible

Risk Module

There are risks in every company: financial risks, environmental risks, health risks, etc. To stay on top of things at all times, these risks can be captured and assessed in a structured way in the risk module; counter-measures can be captured as well.


  • Freely configurable risk descriptions
  • Entering of measures, including persons responsible, periodicity and description
  • If necessary, configuration of automatically created checks
  • Storing of master data values as a basis for calculating risk values


  • Freely definable structures of the risks
  • Linking to processes or individual process steps
  • Output of the risk and the associated measure(s) with the process
  • Risk matrix
  • Analysis by means of reports


  • Measures can be entered for each risk
  • The person responsible, his/her deputy and the periodicity are entered
  • If necessary, automatic checks can be generated
  • Documentation of the measures and their implementation
  • Analysis of instances of monitoring that were carried out

Organisation Module

Announcement Organisational Management Module

The Organisation Management Module enables the mapping of the organisational structure in the form of an organisational chart. For all units/employees, additional information similar to the process characteristics can be entered and the org-units assigned to content. This allows a pre-filtered user-specific view of the content according to organisational affiliation.

More information coming soon.